It's not enough to simply analyze data at rest. Insight for the next generation of technology solutions requires handling far more data than current systems can handle. Most BigData designs push for a centralized data set, which is then analyzed and re-analyzed. But with the sizes, complexity, and exponential increase in the number of systems pushing data into these centralized hubs, just keeping up is an enormous challenge.

Providentia Worldwide can help your team to push analytics into the moving data stream, gaining actionable insight as events happen -- in real time. With more intelligence at the source, you not only gain immediate information, but can dramatically impact the overall cost of managing your BigData systems. Let us help you bring real-time streaming data to your organization.

Streaming analytics can bring unprecedented returns on investment to a wide array of industries and disciplines. IoT, manufacturing, modeling, fraud and risk analytics, pattern recognition, behavior tracking, shipping, aerospace, and healthcare are just a few of the data generators where real-time and event-driven analytics can bring immeasurable gains. Contact us now for more information, and let us talk to you about the next generation of Really Big Data.